Writting a Book? You are?

While I mostly cover things of Japan in this blog it is also a personal blog. So I thought I would let my readers……….>.> know that I haveĀ  plans to write a book. I do have a plot worked out ( somewhat) and the genre will be a murder/mystery. I happen to be a reasonable person( sometimes) so I have planned on trying to have it finished before I get out of college, which will be 4-5 years from now. I have ownership of a few forensics books which cover things like poisons and cause of death etc….. given to me by a very dear friend and mentor.

This will be the first book I have written and the only person who knows the entire plot is Satou who has been very helpful and supportive. I have also increased the crime shows I watch and I’m going to read Sherlock Holmes to see some great examples. I really have nothing more to say about this right know so the closing of the post is coming to a end.

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3 Comments on “Writting a Book? You are?”

  1. glothelegend Says:

    I had plans to write a book….once……twice……THRICE.

    Each time I wrote 15 pages and then quit. The last time was kind of because my computer crashed and lost all of the data though.

  2. glothelegend Says:

    So what I’m trying to say is….

    Good Luck!

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