My Christmas loot!!!

I thought I would make a check post showing you my loot  damn the pics are always hard for me to take but I managed somehow.

First up is Fairy Tail vol 1-6

This is such a great series one of my favorites since it is one of my favs I bought all the vols that are out in english so here is vols 7-12

So that’s all the fairy tail for today but to make up for it here are the two vols of Bakuman( One of the best anime/manga ever) The third one comes out in February I’m so going to buy it.What Christmas can be complete without some anime to watch so I bought four series to enjoy here they are

My friend Satou also bought Welcome to the N.H.K and I marathon-ed it with him so I can say that it is a great series to watch I seen some of Trigun it is pretty good as for the other two I bought them on a whim they look interesting and only $13 each so I could not help my-self. So that is all for my Christmas loot I’m pretty happy with what I got but; there is still so much I wanna buy and so little money(Jobless High-school student) So hopefully soon I can score a job and have lots of cash to spend. I hope to make a loot ppost again soon but it is not likely.

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