It seems I made a mistake_orz

I would like to thank fellow blogger  and good friend Satou for bringing this to my attention. I would also like to say sorry for the false info in my previous post. Below is a post from Satou that tells what exactly this new law is as it is not a ban on Anime/Manga.

You must realize that this is not actually a ban, but simply something to keep mature titles from minors. However, there will still be many manga/anime/games that lessen the “mature” content of them (such as blood, fighting, cursing, etc.), and this will have a negative effect on the interesting properties of manga. So, contrary to what some radicals may think, manga won’t simply start disappearing. They will, however, begin to become a lot more dull and less interesting. While this is a sad factor that comes from this law, it is something we must take in stride.

You must also see that this does not affect all of Japan or foreign countries, as this law only affects Tokyo. In light of recent events [One, One, Two], I am ashamed to say that I wrote those previous two posts in, shall we say, the “heat of the moment.” All any of us can do is go along with it, and spread the word that anime/manga/games are now less interesting, and the more interesting titles will only be available in the “Adult Corner.”

In conclusion, this isn’t as bad as some seem to think. While these are becoming sad times for anime/manga/game fans everywhere, I at least can gladly say that I was there during the golden age of anime: the 1990’s.

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One Comment on “It seems I made a mistake_orz”

  1. Furyk Karede Says:

    What frustrates me is the ban on anime/manga that contain “virtual crimes”. Would that be any sort of crime? Black Lagoon? Any kind of violence?

    The law is too vague.

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