New hobby

So now I have a new hobby, what is it you ask, well I’ve started to do Gundam model kits. I just finished a HG (high grade) wing zero custom one yesterday. The instructions were in Japanese but luck me the pictures were so easy to follow. I would love to do a perfect grade model kit, but I don’t have to money to buy one seeing how a lot of them are around $150. So if anyone knows a good site to buy them do share. I will post pictures later for the sole reason that the gundam requires to painting or you can buy special markers but I do not have either one so……..yea. Hopefully I can get a job soon and start doing lots of model kits.

Here is a gif of what it looks like

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One Comment on “New hobby”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Nice, I am no where near skilled enough to do any type of model making. I would like to see some pics of the one you did.

    Do not know any stores =/ maybe…Hobbylinkjapan or HobbySearch?

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