Adventures at Japan-Fest

The date/time on this photos I did not know they where set wrong until after I got home, the date is 9/19/2010 for all of the photos. So like I said I took some pictures at Japan-Fest ( I love it so much) and to videos that are of some pretty cool dancing. I got there at 10 a.m.

This was just a small part of a room and there is a lot of people in it.

The pretty shine maidens who gave me a not so good fortune T.T

Just felt the need to snap a shot of this >.>

A very pretty girl selling things.

Nice picture right?

My favorite picture that I took all day I just love it so much.

As a friend told me this is a creeper shot.

An older lady selling things.

She must get here photo taken a lot or something.

She shot me a evil look because I forgot to ask to take a photo of her working hard.

Two pretty Japanese ladies.

Man those kids are super strong lol. Pretty cool picture I think.

So this was my second year going and it was amazing I love it so much, and I’m ready for next year. I did buy my first model kit a wing zero HG I will post pictures through out the week showing the different stages of completion. The written instructions are in Japanese but I think I can mange. I had curry again and it was great and, I had suno (pronounced snow) with is just great it is like shaved ice cream. Milk coffee is okay I didn’t like it that much. They played a a lot cool songs over the intercom I knew a few of them. The ramune was still great and, I had a really great time if anyone who is close to Atlanta, GA should really go next year. Here are the two videos I mentioned earlier.

Sorry for the bad quality was using the camcorder feature on a digital camera.

This pretty much the end of my adventures at Japan-Fest hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.

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