Tear jerking momments

I know we all had those tear jerking moments when watching anime. You do not want to start crying but your emotions just don’t listen.

Key animations is notorious for doing this to people the bring forth feelings and emotions you didn’t know you had. In FMA there is one part that makes me cry every time, that being at someones funeral and their daughter asking why are they burying her papa. I cry every time I see it I would name some moments in some anime done by Key but they are to many. The only reason I dislike anything by Key is because I cry a lot.

So my questions to you are, what anime makes you cry? What about them make you cry? What anime do you avoid watching so you don’t have to cry? Give me some feed back or I might end up looking like this!

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3 Comments on “Tear jerking momments”

  1. Satou Says:

    Key anime only so far.

  2. Kyle Says:

    Key anime for sure, but in general any anime that I get an emotional attachment to the characters.

  3. Persocom Says:

    I never avoid an anime to keep myself from crying, and I definitely let my tears out when need be. I actually end up shedding tears when normal people wouldn’t from time to time because of a particular connection I have with the characters or situations. I do admit, KEY holds the crown title of heavyweight tear-jerker champion but there are plenty of titles from other groups that have opened up the tear ducts :3 Maybe I’m just a softy.

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