Ipod touch

So with the new ipod touch coming out every one is trying to save up money. The itouch (ipod touch) has a lot more features then the old one for instance it now has a camera, click here for specs.

So I been trying to sell my itouch( 3rd gen 8Gb) for a fair price but I think every one would rather buy this one instead. I would like to sell mine so I could buy halo reach and have money for Japan fest.So what do y’all think about the new itouch? Are you going to buy it? Do you dislike itouchs? let me know!

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2 Comments on “Ipod touch”

  1. Satou Says:

    I think the iTouch is a decent piece of equipment, but it is unnecessary. I have a much less expensive (although more expensive than others) item to use for music. I know the iTouch does more, but that is all I would use it for personally.

  2. Kyle Says:

    I never liked Apple’s products too much. I guess I just like being a rebel? =P
    I never would need an MP3 player since my phone does that for me, I am just waiting for my upgrade so I can get the new Droid.

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