First rant

My counselor at school is a bitch aggggg I’m so mad at her right now. I get switched to a different teacher with some other people and we went to see if they would switch us back, and well she did it for the first person but told me and the other guy that she can’t do it. Why can see not do it? “I can’t do it for everyone because it would not be fair.” Mrs.Watts/Pinkard

She needs to fall down some stairs or something I do not like her.

Well I feel somewhat better now.

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2 Comments on “First rant”

  1. Sutebachi Says:

    I would still be raging, lol.
    Well, maybe not.

  2. Satou Says:

    How is it unfair to do it for everyone, and yet fair to only do it for one person? Some people, I swear.

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