Chrono Crusade vol 1

The story follows Rosette and her demon partner Chrono who are part of the Magdalene Order who rid the world of evil. We first met our duo at the new york harbor where they receive a mission to stop a evil spirit that has taken over a English cargo ship. They beat the demon go back to HQ things happen we learn how much Chrono cares for Rosette and about the contract between the two. There next mission is to protect a 12 year old girl named Azmaria who foster father is an evil sorcerer. Azmaria seems to have the ability to heal people by singing. Her foster father is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to see his goal come true. Here beings are real story.

Likes: filled with action and the comedy is placed though out at the right places. Plot doesn’t filled rushed and has non-generic characters. Character development is very well done also I like the art style.

Dislikes: not much to put here only problem I had was some parts seemed predictable.

Story 9/10

Characters 10/10

Art 10/10

I recommend this to any action fan and anyone just looking for something great to read. Also there is an anime adaption that’s 24 episodes.

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One Comment on “Chrono Crusade vol 1”

  1. Sutebachi Says:

    Honestly, I don’t need to read your reviews.
    I just try to talk to you, and if I get nothing, I look at what you’ve posted. >_>

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