Pandora Hearts (quick review)

Oz Vessalius, heir to one of the duke houses, has just turned fifteen and at his coming of age ceremony is attacked by a mysterious group of people and sent into the prison  the Abyss. There he is attacked by a monster (chained) and, is save by a chain named Alice who has the appearance of a young girl. They met a group of three who are part of Pandora and Oz and Alice start there quest to find Alice’s memories.

So I love this anime and no as the title suggests this is not a harem anime it has lots of action and a great plot. The opener has an wonderful song I love it and the characters are amazing. There is plenty of comedy and a few tear jerk er moments( I came close to crying a few times and it’s hard to make me cry). Alice and Oz have an unique relationship both in a comedic and serious important to the plot kind of way

Note: In the near future I will edit this post and make it more in depth I pretty busy right now and mange to squeeze this in

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One Comment on “Pandora Hearts (quick review)”

  1. Satou Says:

    A review of an anime I haven’t heard of this time, way to go. Good to see you finally making actual posts again, if only I could do the same.

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