Fate/Stay night

Emiya Shirou is cleaning the schools archery dojo one day, when he hears fighting he sees to men fighting but there not human one is of an archer type and the other is an lancer type. Shirou runs but lancer kills him the Tohkasa Rin an fellow student uses magic to revive him, Shirou returns home only to be attacked by lance once again and before he is killed he summons saber and fends off lancer. Rin appears and Shirou learns of the Holy Grail war a war between seven masters(magicians) and seven servants(Heroic spirits), to obtain the grail that grants any wish.

Okay so its been a while since I did this so I might be a little rusty >.>. So as it happens to be this anime is based off an very popular H-game of the same title and I have it downloaded and ready to play. So I really enjoyed this anime although I didn’t like the ending they used but i don’t know how the other endings fair. I think the plot was very interesting and refreshing been watching a lot of anime with the same plot, but this one was different. The character development was done pretty nicely and the character are pretty awesome.

The story’s main hero and Master to Saber he can only use reinforce magic but later finds out he has another power. Has a protective tendency over Saber and believes that girls should not fight this insults her pride. He wants to be the hero of justice and puts other peoples lives before his own.

Saber the story’s main heroine and servant to Shirou she is very powerful and wields an invisible weapon that is reviled later on in the story. She dislikes Shirous protective tendency and says she is a warrior before a woman. Also see dislikes his tendency to put others before himself as she thinks it will ruin her chance with the holy grail.

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