History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Summary: Well our main character here Kenichi likes to spend his time reading self help books rather than actually improving himself. One day he finally gets the courage to join the schools karate club. The upperclassmen really don’t like him. They challenge him to a fight and he is about ready to give up when he meets a young lady by the name of Miu, and she decides to help him by taking him to the dojo she lives at the Ryouzanpaku  to train under different masters of different styles( if you want to know the styles watch the anime) he defeats the upperclassman. This attracts the attention of a gang of delinquents called Ragnarok. This is where the real story begins

My input: Well I love this series the fights are absolutely amazing and there is plenty of them. The comedy level is great there is plenty of action also. The plot unfolded nicely and the characters I loved all of them

Miu the sexy super strong female protagonist she is the one who gives Kenichi the confidence he needs.

Kenichi in the begining he is super weak and pretty useless but as the series progressed guess what he died. Just kidding it’s like all the other animes out there he gets stronger and starts to kick some serious ass.

I spent most of my free time watching this show and is sad that it ended Me thinks that there my be a second season but most likely not. If only I would jump and scream like a little school girl hehehe not really. So if you wanna watch an action pack comedy filled ass kicking anime look no further this is the show for you. I promise you will not regret it.

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