He is my master

This anime is funny I about pissed on my self from laughing so hard. The plot is as following: Izumi and her younger sister Mitsuki along with her pet alligator Pochi runaway from home and are now in need of a job. They happen to come across a young millionaire by the name of Yoshitaka who hires them. Izumi unwillingly takes the job due to the fact that Yoshitaka has a uniform fetish and forces them to wear skimpy maid outfits.  The comedy in this anime was so funny they couldn’t do any better and the characters are great. My favorite character would have to be Mitsuki due to the fact that she is the funniest and one of those people who does all these things secretive just for fun. Yoshitaka is a giant perv and Izumi well she seems to have bad luck. On myanimmelist.net I gave this a 9/10 because I think they could of made more on the plot but that’s just me. So goshujin-sama what can I do for you today well you can watch this anime.

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3 Comments on “He is my master”

  1. Satou Says:

    I don’t want to be called master by you. From a girl, yeah, but from you,no. Anyway, I’ve been reading your blog since it started, but this is my first comment. Now you have two readers! Way to go, you are like me with my blog Otakudom ni Youkoso, which can be found at http://otakudom.wordpress.com/.

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