Tales of the Abyss

So my readers I just finished the anime adaption of the popular PS2 game Tales of the Abyss. The plot is as follows: Luke Fon Fabre the spoiled brat of a noble family in the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lavaldear, Constantly complains about being locked inside the family manor because he was kidnapped seven years earlier and has no pass memory of anything before that. One day while training with his mentor a young woman breaks in a goes after the mentors life. Luke blocks her attacked and the two are transported far away. What awaits the two as the try to return home. Okay this had excellent character design and development between characters relations with one another and themselves. I thought the plot unfolded well and they were not to slow or fast on anything. I gave this a 10/10 on myanimelist.com and recommend it to all especially anyone who has watched a Tales series or who has played one of the Tales games. So go to your computer and watch a GREAT story unfold!!!

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One Comment on “Tales of the Abyss”

  1. MeisonHorumesu Says:

    Readers. Lolol.
    You aren’t going to get readers unless you advertise a bit >_>

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