Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Plot: In order to avoid all out war the Space colonies called  Neo (Insert country name) has agreed to a tournament every four years to decide who will rule space. The tournament is held on earth and the fighters uses giant robots called Gundams. Domon Kashuu is the fighter for Neo Japan but does not really care about winning for his country instead he is looking for his brother who is blamed for the death of their parents and is accused of trying to take over earth with his Gundam the Devil Gundam.

So what got me sold the this show was that it is different. You don’t sit there in a seat to control the Gundam instead you use your entire body. The way the plot flows is nice and is is the character development.  I really enjoyed the fighting scenes and the special attacks each person has. The way that one day this person is your enemy and then your friend was pretty cool in my opinion. I also like the way things are unpredictable though out the story. This is a must watch for all but especially you Gundam fans. So my readers do me proud and watch this series >.>

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One Comment on “Mobile Fighter G Gundam”

  1. MeisonHorumesu Says:

    Oh, I’ll watch it. One day.

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