I finished the first Gundam season a few days ago and it is awesome. It is one of my favorite. the summary is as follows: Amuro Ray leaves in side 7 a space colony one day a small Zeon  unit attacks side 7 to destroy the Earth Federations new mobile suits. While he is escaping he finds a White mobile suit called Gundam. He destroys the Zeon Zakus and escapes the Earth Federations new space ship White Base. The rest of the series follows Amuro, and the young crew of the White Base and there many battles with Zeon as they try to stop the War. What made this unique was the fact that it was the beginning of the Mecha age for anime. They had great characters and development. A entangling storyline Being a High School student I have to go to bed but when Watching this I did not want to go to sleep or even school. I was so into it I spent all my free time in one spot. I kinda wish it was more than 42 eps but I think it would be kinda sucky if they kept going. I gave this a 10/10 on my and recommend it to everyone for just getting into anime to the hardcore animefans (Otakus). So go and get your Gundam on!!!!!!

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One Comment on “Gundam”

  1. MeisonHorumesu Says:

    I like how you said ‘sleep or even school.’
    As though not wanting to go to school is surprising.
    Sleeping is fun, school.. Not so much.

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